Enhanced Photos

The Haroldsen Family has seen these two photos on many occasion, but if they look more closely, there are details that were not visible on previous versions. With the help of modern software, I was able to recover details that are not normally visible, even if you had the original photographs.

1901 Eleanor, George, Christian, Morgan, Anna, Reuben, Oliver, Annie, Ancel OH16-2 P68m Christian, Anna, Children

The original Haroldsen house was painted in bright colors and was called the Kerr Candy Box. Note the end of the upper gable. The house was built on a foundation of large cobble stones. It was designed to be heated with 4 wood-coal burning stoves and had three chimneys. It wasn’t air tight and someone suggested that you always knew in the morning if the wind had been blowing because your hair would be messed up. It was built without electrical wiring or plumbing. In the attic, there are the remains of an acetylene lighting system.

Anna, Annie, Alice, Morgan, Eva, Eleanor, George EH106A enhanced 03How many of us knew that there were also two dogs in the photo?

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