Riley at 14 Years.

180311 (50).jpg

Riley is now 14 years old. Amazing.

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Pittsburgh Traffic

180310 (60) Pittsburgh Traffic

About driving in Pittsburgh: I like to say there are four ways to get from one place to another, none of them easy. This photo wasn’t taken during rush hour. It was Saturday afternoon.  The driver, in the pickup that is pulling out of line, is looking for a way around the mess.

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Winter in Pennsylvania

180227 (4).jpg

At lunch during a zone conference, missionaries split up and reviewed some scriptures while eating their sub sandwiches. The weatherman was predicting snow in two days, but we were lucky during our two day conference.

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Brown Eggs and Ham (but without the ham)

180225 (6).jpg

So we ended up buying brown eggs. How interesting.

180225 (7).jpg

There was such an amazing variation and color. I wonder why people prefer white eggs. They are so boring.

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Pennsylvania Ice Storm

180207 (16).jpg

I was getting ready for bed when I made the mistake of looking outside. I saw the light shining through the ice coated tree limbs and I had to get a photo. I took this and others while in my pajamas and my coat and hat. No gloves. You can’t operate a camera while wearing gloves.

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I Hate Cold and Ice

180203 (4).jpg

I hate the cold and I hate scraping windshields. My solution was to buy from Harbor Freight a 5’ x 7’ blue tarp,  and cut it in half to 2.5’ x 7 ‘. I place one piece over the windshield so that the wipers blades are covered and then slam the front doors on it. If there is any sort of breeze, then it is best to start up wind. In the mornings, I removed the tarp, shake it to remove any snow or ice, fold it three times and store it in the car. Depending upon the weather report, I’ll again cover the windshield when I get to work. It works great—except when the weather report predicts warm weather but it snows.


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Two Missionaries, Two Shovels, One Pair of Gloves

180118 (42) m.jpg

So I went with the missionaries to shovel a member’s driveway. Neither of them had brought gloves. Weather was mild, so we took turns with the gloves. It was all done if 20 minutes.

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