Boys having Fun

171117 (2) Tatlow Boys in Dog Pile.jpg

My grandsons know how to have fun, even without electronics. Here, a four person deep pile lasts for about 4 seconds before spilling into a tangle of laughing boys.

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Supper for Little Boys

171117 (20).jpg

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Railroad Trestle in Library PA

171105 (41).jpg

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The Book of Mormon in Many Languates

171101 (2) Multi Language, Book of Mormon.jpg

This is just a small sampling of theĀ  Book of Mormon the languages available at the mission office. So far, I’ve given one to a Croatian and an Ukranian. Soon, we will have a missionary who comes from Mongolia. We aren’t a Utah church anymore.

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Unknown Horseman

Unknown Horseman Mystery.jpgIt has been suggested that the unknown horseman is also “Uncle” Christian J Haroldsen. This photo is for comparison. Are they the same person? We have people alive today who knew “Uncle” but they didn’t see the connection. However, they only knew him as an old man with a mustache and no teeth.


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Who is this Horseman

Unknown man with 3 hourse EH10J8.jpg

This is one of miscellaneous photos in our family history collection. But who is he? Where was this photo taken? We can guess Idaho or Utah, but we don’t know. Is the building at the end of the road recognizable?

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Learning to Ride a Bike

170913 (21) Mother Teaching Boy to Ride Bike.jpg

I don’t know who they are but I know from experience what they were doing. However, when we taught our kids, we didn’t have helmets and we did it in the street or on a sidewalk. I also remember my Dad doing it with me when I was seven years old. It was a 24″ bike–no training wheels. Once, when riding unassisted, I passed too close to a parked car. I let go of the bars and put my hands out to protect myself. I crashed. I would crash perhaps a hundred more times in the next decade but I had a lot of fun. And the crashes–they were just something to brag about.

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