Gas Sign and Gas Pump Museum

2018 06 17 (22).jpg

While out cruising for photographs, I found this amazing place near Provo, Utah. Someone is collecting old gas station and gas pumps. This is just a small portion of what he has on display.

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Servicemen putting up the flag.

180518 (28).jpg


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18 radios in a car

180518 (18) L 18 radio and 18 antennas.jpg

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Flag Raising at the Dayton Hamfest

180518 (35).jpg

Every year, there is a ham radio festival in Xenia, near Dayton, Ohio, with thousands of booths, displays, and vendors, all dealing with various aspects of Amateur Radio. I took many photos but this was the most interesting. Hams are both national and international. They support their country, theirĀ  local and national governments, and spread goodwill to all nations. Sometimes, a ham radio operator will talk to someone on the other side of the world, and he can do it with only 100 watts of power. To learn more, go to

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Missionaries Singing for Their Lunch

170915 (5) Missionaries Singing.jpg

The stakes will prepare the noon day meal for the missionaries when there is a zone conference. Here, the missionaries sing for the food preparers, their small way of returning thanks for a good meal.

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Youth Conference

170715 (53).jpg

LDS Youth sorting clothes for the Salvation Army as a service project.

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A Dad and his Two Sons

170520 (5) Canoeing on the Lake.jpg

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