The Manna Project.

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Information about Family Life, Family History, Humor, Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation, Latter-day Saint Religion (Mormon) and other stuff that tickles me. Contact me through erharoldsen at But use the @ symbol. (This helps me avoid spam.)
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2 Responses to The Manna Project.

  1. Chuck Jensen says:

    I’m curious about your gear. What camera? Tripod? microphone? I’m also impressed that the Lutherans in your area are willing to accept the work-and-food offerings of Latter-day Saints – that isn’t always the case. They must be very Christian. Already I like them too. If I could donate cash to the Manna Project, how would I go about it?

  2. erharoldsen says:

    The camera was a Samsung camcorder. No tripod. The microphone was internal. I had a digital audio recorder in my pocket as a backup. Audio recording conditions were terrible. That’s why I have Gershwin on the piano in the background. I’d drop his volume when there was something to hear. The audio for “Hey, I’m the camera man,” was recorded later and dubbed in.
    People in this area are not so suspicious of the Latter-day Saints like they are in Idaho or Utah.
    I checked the Lutheran’s web site but could find no method to donate. Our portion of the expense come as a grant from SLC.
    We got your letter. Wow. Covid sure put a dampener on your family. So far, only Nicole and her family have had it. BJ and I remain cautious and unaffected.

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