Making a Fruit Fly Trap

Tired of being buzzed by kamikaze gnats and flies? Give them an incentive to go some where else, such as the fly version of the Hotel California, where you can check in but not check out.

Material: A jar or bottle with a wide mouth, or a  disposable water bottle. In this example,  we see both possibilities.

Other Materials: Paper, Tape, Fruit, Scissors or knife

With a plastic water bottle, make it into a wide mouth bottle by  cutting off the top.

Make the paper into a cone shape. Secure with tape.

Ensure there is a pencil sized hole in the point of the cone.

Cut off paper so that the cone fits snugly into the mouth of the bottle.

The bottom of the cone should be about ½ inch from touching the bottom of the bottle.

Bait the trap. They are ‘fruit’ flies, so I use ‘fruit,’ must smell good to them. I use just enough fruit to attract a fruit fly.

I eat the remainder of the fruit (Optional)

With the bait in the bottle, tape around the top of the opening to secure the cone to the bottle. Ensure there are no gaps between the bottle and the paper cone.

Set the trap where it would be easy to find, for a fruit fly.

What will happen?

The flies will follow the scent of the fruit and go down through the hole in the bottom of the cone. When trying to escape, they will fly up the inside of the bottle to the taped seal. You will know you caught some because you can watch them searching for an exit. Eventually,  they will stop, where they will have some time to contemplate the shortness of their lives.

After several days, you can throw the bottle away or clean it and start over.

Note: A fruit fly is about 4 mm long, or about the height of a capital letter in this document. Regardless of what is flying around your house, this trap works.

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