Why the Coloring Book Drawings?

So, someone is wondering why I create theses simple coloring book drawing from a photograph—why not just go to the photo? There are three reasons:

  • Sometimes the photo is so poor, so confusing or lacking in aesthetic quality that it should be discarded. However, I might see that it has potential.  I use the line drawing is a way to correct the flaws in the photo.
  • When it is 3 AM and I’m tired but incapable of sleep, making the drawing is easy, relaxing and satisfying.
  • It is good practice and helps me develop my skills.

About erharoldsen

Information about Family Life, Family History, Humor, Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation, Latter-day Saint Religion (Mormon) and other stuff that tickles me. Contact me through erharoldsen at yahoo.com. But use the @ symbol. (This helps me avoid spam.)
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