Celecta, the Missionary

CO19 P03a Celecta1918 08 16

This is my Father’s Mother. Here name was Celecta, which mean “Celestial” or heaven. In 1918, she went on a church mission to the Iowa area and she had a camera. She took over 200 photo. These are a few of them.

She traveled by train

CO19 P72a m Steam Engine

and by paddle boat.

CO19 p54b Ferry from Davenport EH10XM

Among the places she visited was Nauvoo, Illinois.

CO19 P59h Nauvoo Main St

The building sare still there


but now the roads are paved.


She visited the grave of Emma Hale Smith, the widow of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

CO19 P61d Emma's Grave - Copy

She saw Brigham Young’s home.

CO19 P61f B Young House - Copy

Which has been restored.


She saw the house of John Taylor,

CO19 P59b John Tayor's Home

which doesn’t exist anymore.

She saw the Nauvoo house.

CO19 P60f Nauvoo House

Which is still here.

n 2002 06 07 Nauvoo House (3)

It operates as a hotel.

n 2002 06 07 Nauvoo House (6)

She saw the printing officer, which has been restored.

Her photo album said that this was Heber C. Kimball’s house, but it was actually the home of Johnathan Browning. This was the start of Browning production which later invented the Browning automatic rifle (BAR) which was a key weapon in WW-2.

CO19 P61e Browning House - Copy

One can speculate about what might have happened if the BAR has bee invented before everyone was forced out of Nauvoo.


This is the H. C. Kimball house as seen in 2002. It has ‘H C Kimball’ carved into the stone. It also had a “widow’s walk’, which is the platform on top of the house. A widow’s walk is where a woman would stand and look out over the ocean and watch for her sailor husband to return. Sometimes, he didn’t return.


Because of fear of the mobs, after they were martyred, the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum were hidden in the basement of this house.

CO19 P60d House where bodies hidden

The house is still there but it is not open to the public.

She also visited Carthage, Illiois, where Joseph and Hyrum were killed.

CO19 P59c 1919 Carthage Jail

This is what it looked like when my family visited it 1964.

1964 05 Haroldsen, Ray's family visits Carthage Jail eh1007

The upper right window is where Joseph fell. The well is a recreation of the place where they put Joseph and shot him again.

1977 11 01 01 Celecta, Oliver Haroldsen

I miss her my Grandmother and Grandfather. I wish I has asked more questions.  I’m so glad she had a camera.

The link to the shared website containing all photos is available.

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