I Live in Terror—

I live in absolute terror of a catastrophic computer hard drive failure. I’m at risk of losing 90 thousand photographs, some of which were taken by my grandmother when she was a missionary in Illinois. I would lose my journal entries going back to 1984. They are extensive and detailed. This year’s journal is 154 pages long. And there are family history documents.

Even so, I can sleep at night because I have an insurance policy. I have three of them.

2019 12 09 (11) msn 3 Exterior Hard Drives

All my data is backed up to three 4-tereabyte exterior hard drives. I hook up one of the hard drives and backup all my data. A week or two later, I back up my data to the next hard drive. When these hard drives are not in use, I store them in safe places. Being disconnected protects them against a virus, ransom ware, a power surge or grand kids with creative ideas.

If the house burns down . . . well . . . I’ll cover that in another post.

2019 12 12 (4) msn Computer with Exterior Hard Drive

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