My Grandkids

I was asked what I did with my grand kids. Without hessitation, I answered: We have fun!

I have no greater joy in life than watching my children and grandchildren doing well. 2017 11 17 (2)sn Tatlow Boys in Dog Pile2017 08 24 (5)sn Madisyn, Jared, Brenda, Jacob, Parker2017 07 28 (10)sn Jessie, Lincoln, Sydney2016 12 31 (1) Sydney & Lincoln & Clark2016 11 24 (6) Lisa pealing eggs & Logan2016 11 19 (29)sn Esther & Mike2016 10 10 33-logan-on-bunk-bed2016 05 07 (76)m2sn Natalie2016 03 27 (4)sn Logan2016 03 27 (3)sn Logan on slide2013 06 30 11 emily2013 06 23 2m jared, madisyn, parker2009 05 11 70 mike, emily, riley on piano bench

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Information about Family Life, Family History, Humor, Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation, Latter-day Saint Religion (Mormon) and other stuff that tickles me. Contact me through erharoldsen at But use the @ symbol. (This helps me avoid spam.)
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