How to Steal an Election

The following is presented, not to accuse any party but to educate. Once you can see the pattern, you’ll have a better understanding of why the two parties are acting the way they do and the basis for their accusations.

For my example, I will use the Alpha party and the Omega party.

The election is close, so the Omega party selects a district, zone, county, or city where they have a lot of control. They will hold back the ballots from that area and not count them until they see how the rest of the district is going. Let’s say the Alpha party is a head of the Omega party by 1,000 votes. Omega counts the ballots that have been held back. Let’s say there are 500 votes for Alpha and 1000 votes for Omega. They can either lose the 500 Alpha votes or stuff the ballot box with 500 votes for their preferred candidate. No, make that 600 votes. They don’t have a tie.

Then this final ballot box is brought in.

“Hey, we just found this ballot box. Let’s count it.”

They count and, in my example, it is a tie.

Omega starts beating its head against the wall and says to itself. “Why didn’t I add 700 volts!”

Alpha accused Omega of fraud. Omega accuses Alpha of trying to suppress the vote. Both sides bring in their hired guns, lawyers, and everything degenerates into the modern equivalent of a western movie where the people gather to see which gun slinger is the fasted draw.

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