What’s He Up To?

  Some years ago, I was reading my scriptures when I got to wondering, “What is God up to?” I know the scriptures say that his work and glory is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Okay, but what is he “up to”? What does he do for fun? What makes him smile?

  At that moment, my grandson, Riley was playing with Grandma. We have a kitchen, connected to the dining room, which is connected to the living room, which is connected to the hall and then to the kitchen. It serves as a race track and Grandma and Riley were using it. He’d chase her and catch her, then she’d chase him and catch him. Sometimes one would double back and surprise the other, all mixed in with hysterical and loud laughter

  And suddenly, I knew exactly what God was “up to”. Basically, he’s a Dad and he likes doing thing with his kids. He smiles as they have fun and when they learn something. He doesn’t get to discover anything—he already knows everything but he likes to see us go through discovery, to grow and to progress. He likes to see us succeed and do well.

  That’s what makes him smile.


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