Ray Haroldsen EBR-1 Tour

I’ve completed parts 1-4 of the 5 part video Ray Haroldsen EBR-1 Tour.
They were recorded in 2011. I followed him around with a camcorder while he walked through Experimental Breeder Reactor 1 (It’s been converted to a museum) and tells the history of what happened there, how the fast breeder nuclear reactor worked, what he did, the nuclear meltdown, the recovery and why the meltdown happened.

I only started editing it a few weeks ago. The story is a technical but fascinating if you are into that sort of thing.

These are only the first versions. To explain a very technical subject, I need to add some animation and I’ve never done that before–but I will.

See them at:

Part 5 will be posted within a week.


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Information about Family Life, Family History, Humor, Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation, Latter-day Saint Religion (Mormon) and other stuff that tickles me. Contact me through erharoldsen at yahoo.com. But use the @ symbol. (This helps me avoid spam.)
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