Professional Writer Looking for Work

I’m a writer. Originally, I wrote science fiction adventure with the intention of making it big in Hollywood. Instead, I got married and had a family. Older now, I’m not as attracted to flights of fantasy and entertainment. I find facts and history more interesting. I want to put together histories–my history, your history, the history of a community or a business or a family. I want to write something that makes a difference.

Now, I’ve just got to find the right project….

If you have a suggestion, you can contact me at erharoldsen.writer at  Use the @ symbol. (I skipped using it so that I won’t get so much spam.)


About erharoldsen

Information about Family Life, Family History, Humor, Emergency Response, Disaster Preparation, Latter-day Saint Religion (Mormon) and other stuff that tickles me. Contact me through erharoldsen at But use the @ symbol. (This helps me avoid spam.)
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